this kitchen tho.. those walls of subway tile.  swoon worthy.  I love the clean lines throughout the entire room and the contrast in the white tiles and dark grout.  

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Sushi will never not be a good idea.

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I must get a tulle skirt asap.

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anything that sparkles.  gets me every time 

this will happen one day.  goals.

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ahhhhhh can i have him?

what a little cutie.  makes me miss my pups.

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oh how i miss this.  i was a ballerina for over 8 years (little random fact about me) and i still miss it even though i left it over 10 years ago.. one day i’ll get back to it

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how cool is this place?  the vibe it gives you, it’s so chill and happy.  i’d hang out there.

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this just looks heavenly